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Mechanical Engineer - Pro/E - Solidworks - 3D printing

 drawings - value analysis

consumer - medical - industrial - woodworking

Problems Solved


Business Pain Solved:

  • Launching successful, cost effective, and quality products
  • Leading engineering efforts and groups
  • Improving engineering processes, teams, and operations for efficiency
  • Designing requirements into detail product CAD designs and drawings
  • Validating and assuring  that a product works through DFx and Value Analysis
  • Help coworkers and employees get promoted, get back on track, set and  achieve goals important to them, put things in perspective, achieve  feelings of success, solve problems, and become better

Skill Summary:

  • Mechanical Engineer - Multistate Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Cross Functional Technical Manager/Director/Vice President.
  • 52 new product launches - volumes from 1 per year to 1 million per month
  • Worked with over 80 customers ranging from Startups/Entrepreneur thru Fortune 100 multinationals
  • 20+ years of using Value Engineering and cost reduction  techniques, saving an average of 20x my compensation for 25+ years. 
  • Over $440 million in annual product savings ideas generated and documented
  • Experienced in designing with all types of materials including plastics, metals, and elastomers and related manufacturing methods
  • CAD - Pro/ENGINEER (since 1991) and SolidWorks (since 2001) plus more
  • Prototyping experience includes SLA, FDM, Makerbot, rapid prototyping since 1995
  • Testing - Material, acoustic, fatigue, HALT, vibration
  • Worldwide mobile healthcare solutions strategist
  • International product development and supply chain experience

Industry Experience:

  •  Consumer electronics - Computers, Tablets, Servers, Lottery machines,  Kiosk, Point of sale, Phones,  ticket vending machines, lighting,  electronic cooling, speakers, iPhone accessories, lawn and garden tools,  and toys
  • Medical - vascular closure surgical devices, surgical lighting, pill dispensing machines -
  • Transportation – mass transit subway trains, airport people movers, and truck trailers  

Training and Instruction:

We conduct various training classes designed to improve certain aspects of your engineering and technical teams

Value Engineering Methodologies - This week long course covers 2 days of value engineering training and 3 days of applying the methods to a company project.  On site.  Ideal for groups of 3-8 users

Basic CAD Training for New Users - this course provides the logic of cad and is tailored to Pro/E and Solidworks users

Sheetmetal Training - This is a 1 day course focused on making sheetmetal course.  It is oriented to the beginning engineer starting to design sheetmetal parts.

Plastic Part Training - This is a 1 day course focused on making plastic molded parts.  It is oriented to the beginning engineer starting to design plastic parts.

Consumer Experience

Battery Powered Tools








Cellular Phone




Medical Experience

Pill Dispensing Machines


Vascular Closure Devices


Pill Tray


Industrial Experience

Mass Transit


Truck Trailer




Ticket Vending Machines

Ticket Vending Machines

Design Methodology



Our team of experts consist of mechanical, electrical, metalurgical and software engineers.  We typically have over 20 years of industry experience which means "Been there done that".   

We use value engineering techniques to optimize the designs.  Then we validate using analysis tools, prototypes, and proof of concept models to make sure the requirements are met.

It is not the cheapest engineers that create successful products.   The best value comes from experienced professionals.


Requirements are the beginning of a new product.  What does the product do?  What conditions is the product used outdoor/indoor, temperature, humidity?  How long will the product last?  What are the saftey concerns?  We use a requirements to make sure all work is planned, efficient, and effective.

Some of our most successful projects are when we take an existing design and make it better.  Cost reduction, added functionality, or faster processing all increase the value of a product in the marketplace  Often, these efforts provide a 100x return on investment.


We follow a phase gate product development process.  This allows for frequent reviews, requirement changes/flexibility, and best use of development funds.  This also means we can work with you as much or as little as needed.

Communication is essential for successful product development.  We use the cloud to communicate secure, real time status of all our projects.    We've been told, "We communicate better with you than with people down the hall!"    Through the use of internet technology, product design is tracked, managed, and produced.

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