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Design Methodology


Our team of experts consist of mechanical, electrical, metalurgical and software engineers.  We typically have over 20 years of industry experience which means "Been there done that".   

We use value engineering techniques to optimize the designs.  Then we validate using analysis tools, prototypes, and proof of concept models to make sure the requirements are met.

It is not the cheapest engineers that create successful products.   The best value comes from experienced professionals.


Requirements are the beginning of a new product.  What does the product do?  What conditions is the product used outdoor/indoor, temperature, humidity?  How long will the product last?  What are the saftey concerns?  We use a requirements to make sure all work is planned, efficient, and effective.

Some of our most successful projects are when we take an existing design and make it better.  Cost reduction, added functionality, or faster processing all increase the value of a product in the marketplace  Often, these efforts provide a 100x return on investment.


We follow a phase gate product development process.  This allows for frequent reviews, requirement changes/flexibility, and best use of development funds.  This also means we can work with you as much or as little as needed.

Communication is essential for successful product development.  We use the cloud to communicate secure, real time status of all our projects.    We've been told, "We communicate better with you than with people down the hall!"    Through the use of internet technology, product design is tracked, managed, and produced.

Consumer Experience

Battery Powered Tools




Cellular Phone


Medical Experience

Pill Dispensing Machines

Vascular Closure Devices

Pill Tray

Industrial Experience

Mass Transit

Truck Trailer


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